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Selling To A Real Estate Investor Is Your Best Option | Syracuse Real Estate

Selling to a real estate investor

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the benefits of selling to a real estate investor. We are all used to the traditional sales route, where we hire a real estate agent, let him handle our listing and basically have no control over the outcome. We trust our real estate agent to work in our best interest, no matter what.

I agree that if you hire an excellent real estate agent and your home is in good condition then putting your trust in your agent is the right move. However if your home is in poor condition or you are in a situation where you need to sell your home fast, then reaching out to a local real estate investor may be your best option.

Lets consider some of the negatives of listing your syracuse real estate with an agent .

  • You pay 7% in commissions on the total sale

  • Buyers will be coming in and out of your house, potentially for months

  • Open houses need to be scheduled

  • You still have to pay your mortgage, insurance and utility bills throughout the whole process

  • Your home can sit on the market for months

  • 90% of home purchase in Syracuse are with a lender, your deal could fall through due to financing at any time.

  • Inspections will be required, buyers expect you to make these repairs

  • Closings can take anywhere from 45 - 90 days

  • You may need to make costly repairs to sell your home

These are just some of the troubles you could run into if you decide to test your chances with a traditional sale. Understand this, I am not saying all sales happen this way. What I am saying is that buyers have become much more picky and traditional sales can become complicated.

Selling to A Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Syracuse

Selling to a real estate investor in Syracuse NY is not the traditional route. A lot of homeowners are unaware of this option or do not understand how the process works. Selling to a real estate investor is not for everyone or for every situation. However it does offer some unique benefits that selling the traditional route or FSBO fail to supply to the home buyer.

Lets go over some of the value that a real estate investor can offer a homeowner.

  • You will pay no real estate commissions

  • Closings are based around your schedule | Can close in as little as 14 days

  • No inspections

  • No additional repairs

  • No buyers coming in and out of your house | They are your only buyer

  • No financing with banks | Investors pay in cash

  • No testing the market | You found your buyer

  • No paying holding costs | Closings within 14 days of signed contract

  • Homeowners pay no closing costs

  • No open houses

Investors base their business's around creating hassle free sales. The infographic below will better explain how the process works if you consider selling to a real estate investor. As stated previously this option is not for every situation but if the benefits stated above interest you, you should truly consider. The syracuse real estate market is in good shape, so consider all of your options when selling your home.

Your house is now a liquid asset!!

How To Sell To A Real Estate Investor | The Process | Syracuse Real Estate

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