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Syracuse Real Estate

We Buy Houses In Solvay NY

When you sell to HS Property Funds; their will be no commissions, closing costs, repairs costs or hassles. We strive to simplify the home selling process.

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Sell Your House Fast | Solvay NY

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No Real Estate Commissions
No Real Estate Commissions Syracuse Ny

No need to give away 7% of the sales price of your home to real estate agents. We will save you the dreaded loss of commissions from a typical sale.

No Obligation Cash Offers
Cash Home Offers Syracuse Ny

No more waiting for your buyer to get approval for a mortgage. No more bad terms from your buyer. We have the cash ready to purchase your home.

Fast Closings
Fast Real Estate Closings

We can close on your timeline. No more waiting on banks and paperwork. We can close in as little as 14 days. You choose the closing date.

Dan Sisto, President

My name is Dan Sisto and I live in Syracuse NY. I have lived in the Syracuse area my whole life and have been in the real estate industry for several years.

Over that time I have worked with several sellers who needed to sell their homes quickly. Our main goal is to simplify the home selling process. We understand that each seller who contacts us has a unique situation and we are comitted to working with you to figure out the best solution for you and your family. We are cash home buyers and pride ourselves on being able to close quickly. I look forward to explaining how we can assist you selling your home.

We Buy Houses Solvay NY

No Repairs | Renovations
We Buy Houses Syracuse NY

Making the necessary repairs to sell your home can be very expensive. We buy homes as is, so there is no need to waste your money on renovations.

Don't Test The Market
Dont Test The Market

While your house sits on the market, your still paying your mortgage, utlities, insurance & taxes. Don't let your house sit on the market.

No Closing Costs
No Closing Costs on Home Syracuse

No need to bring any money to the closing table. We have that covered. We will take care of all of the expenses associated with selling your home.

We Buy Houses | Solvay Real Estate | Cash Offers

       We buy houses in Solvay NY no matter the condition or situation & we pay cash. We want to make the process of selling your home as easy as possible. We will evaluate your situation and give you an offer within 2 days with the potential to close on your home in as little as 14 days. We will educate you on your decision and make sure that you and your family will be coming out of this process in a better position.


We are not real estate agents nor are we associated with a real estate brokerage. We want to give our clients quick decisions and assistance on the sale of their home. This is one of the main differences between HS Property Funds and your local real estate agent... We Buy Houses in Solvay and they list them. 


There are never any fees, commissions or any other costs associated with our buys.

  •  Behind on payments or facing foreclosure?

  •  Making double payments?

  •  Bought a new home, but haven’t sold the old home quickly enough?

  •  Trouble selling because of no equity?

  •  Death of a loved one? Need to settle an estate?

  •  Job Transfer or Relocation?

  •  Liens or Title Problems?

  •  Need to sell because of a Divorce?

  •  Tired of being a landlord?

  •  Real estate agent hasn’t come through as promised?

  •  Is your house vacant, or in need of repairs?

        Our main goal at HS Property Funds is to give our customers a simple, hassle free sale. Just fill out the form below, give us a call or send us an email to sell your Solvay NY home. Selling your home should be easy on everyone involved and we pride ourselves on making fair offers to meet your needs. Take action now and begin the simple process to sell your home today.

        We want you to consider all of your options when deciding to sell your house in Solvay NY. Each homeowners situation is different and each option offers unique benefits that work best with certain circumstances. Whether you are selling with a real estate agent, for sale by owner or with a local real estate investment firm, make sure you educate yourself on each option and determine which vehicle will meet your families goals and expectations. 

       We understand that selling your house is a very serious and important matter that needs to be handled correctly. If you choose the wrong option, it could possibly result in a long drawn out sales process full of hassles. We want to get the chance to explain all of the benefits of selling to HS Property Funds and let you decide if this option will work for you and your family. 


        Our goal is to make your life easier and assist you with the sale of your Solvay house, all while giving you a fair, honest and fast offer on your home.

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A Simple Option To Sell Your Solvay NY House

Or Give Us A Call Now At : (315) 516-8023


       We help property owners just like you - no matter the situation. Our main goal is to help you sell your Solvay NY home. We Buy Houses in Solvay NY & its surrounding areas. We understand that homeowners get very busy with their lives and are unable to take the time to make the necessary repairs to get their home ready to sell on the market. This process can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive. We want you to understand that we have helped several people just like you- people who have been in the same situations. We want you to know that there are alternative ways to sell your home and understand that the traditional sales route is not always the best route for your specific situation.

       Every day, we help homeowners who are in difficult situations. Some of these homeowners decide to sell us their home and others just inquire for advice to help decide which option to use. We would love to offer you guidance in the sales process regardless if you choose HS Property Funds as your option for sale. We have experience in traditional home sales, for sale by owners, forclosures, pre forclosures, short sales among others. No matter what bracket you fall in, give us a call to see if we can guide your decision in the right direction.

       If you do feel that quick sale with no hassles would be benefiial to you and your family, let us know - We want to help you with the sale of your Solvay NY home. 


       If you would prefer to speak with someone in our office before submitting your information, please contact us at (315)516-8023 and we will walk through our simple process and what we can do to help you with the sale of your Solvay NY home.


We Buy Houses in Solvay NY & its surround areas. We are a good alternative to the traditional home sales route. We do understand that this service is not for all homeowners, however we do feel as if our service is perfect for people in these situations. Oh yeah.. I forgot who doesn't like a cash offer!

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