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          Property/School taxes can be seen as extreme in the state of New York. Most of the time homeowners are paying more in taxes each year than they are in mortgage payments. Although you do not have to pay your taxes monthly, you are required to make these tax payments by the end of the year. If you fail to do so your property will eventually be foreclosed on due to Syracuse NY back taxes. 

If you let these back taxes in Syracuse NY go for to long sometimes it becomes difficult to find enough money to repay them. Local governments charge property taxes for the jurisdiction that you live in. If you need to sell your home in Syracuse NY due to property taxes, you have dismissed the payments of these taxes and have fell behind. The government use this tax money to pay for neighborhood services, schools and emergency personnel. If you do not pay your property taxes in Syracuse NY, the tax collector can use various ways to try and get this money- or you can lose your home.

Every month that you do not pay your property taxes in Syracuse NY, interest will be added to your bill. The longer you wait to pay your back taxes, the further they will get out of reach. Try and pay these back taxes as soon as possible so they do not balloon out of control 


If you still do not pay these back taxes in Syracuse NY then the tax collector may file a tax lien against the property. A property tax lien in Syracuse NY is for the amount of taxes that you owe on the property. The lien, gives the tax collector interest in your property, which will prevent you from getting a mortgage or selling your property in Syracuse NY. Once this tax lien is set on you, they now have the right to move forward with other options - such as foreclosure. 


The town of Syracuse will give you up to 3 years to become current on your back taxes before they move forward with the foreclosure process. If you do not pay your back taxes in Syracuse NY in this time frame, you will recieve a notification from your tax collector giving you notice that your home is being put up for auction. 


If you are looking to sell your property in Syracuse NY due to back taxes, consider all of your options. One of your options is to contact a local Real Estate Solutions Firm. They can make the sales process easier on you and give you a cash offer. This will relinquish your taxes and prevent you from going into foreclosure | which will deeply impact your credit score. 

Do You Have Delinquent Property Taxes on Your Home in Syracuse NY?

Resources To Help You With Your Syracuse NY Delinquent Property Taxes

We created this section to help answer any questions homeowners may have in regards to delinquent property taxes. Property taxes can become a tremendous headache and not all homeowners understand what needs to be done to take care of them. Homeowner's do have a couple options when it comes handling their delinquent property taxes and this section is meant to help you guys. Here are some resources to help answer any questions you may have in regards to unpaid property taxes. 


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