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Wholesale Real Estate Deals

Receive deeply discounted real estate deals directly to your email. Detailed breakdown of each property. Video tours, number breakdowns, photos & prices. When we recieve a deal, you will be the first ones to see it. 

Deeply Discounted Real Estate Properties

Looking for properties that are 40%-70% off retail. Well we see these properties come through our lead generation mediums every week. Whether you are just starting out in real estate or you have been involved in real estate for several years, we want to be able to assist you with your goals. As real estate wholesalers our number #1 goal is to be able to supply product for our clients (cash buyers).

We understand all the numbers that are associated with the different investment vehicles that are used in real estate investing. When we give you access to our wholesale deals we will layout all of the numbers that pertain to each investment vehicle. We want you to understand that these numbers sometimes will just be estimates, however they are calculated numbers from our experience investing in this area. 

Wholesale Real Estate Deals | Syracuse NY

If you have been investing in real estate or have studied the topic at all, you know that being able to find deeply discounted properties that fit your criteria will determine the success of your business. Without properties that are 40%-70% discounted from the ARV, it can be tough to create win, win situations for all parties involved. We have marketing strategies both inbound and outbound that we have been testing for years now. These strategies are meant to attract the motivated sellers that all investors are on the search for. Some of these techniques can become costly, so let us market for you. There is no obligation to any of this, its free. Your going to recieve free discounted real estate deals in Syracuse directly to your email. If you think you may be interested in the deal, great.. if not, take a look at the next one we send you. Our main goal is to create a win, win for every body involved.  

Wholesaling | How It Works

Wholesaling in real estate is a fairly simple concept. A lead is generated at a discount. This discount can be anywhere from 40%-80% of the full market value of the property. The properties that we recieve are typically in need of repairs. Each property is different, so the level of renovation that will be required will be different on each property. Here is a quick breakdown on how the wholesaling process works, so we can give you some more insight on what to expect if you decide to sign up for our cash buyers lists:

  • We receive a deeply discounted property (anywhere from 40%-80% of ARV)

  • We run an analysis on the property to get a better understanding of the numbers

  • Set up an appointment to see the home

  • Have our construction professionals evaluate the rehab costs for this project

  • Videos and Pictures will be taken of the project

After we have all of the information we need to understand the profitiability of this property, we will then:

  • Put together a detailed property analysis for our Cash buyers

  • Send this information on to you, if it meets your buying criteria

  • If you like the deal, we will negotiate a price that works for all parties

  • The current contract will be assigned to you for a small finders fee

  • You will have the contract in hand and be in control of the deal.

Once we assign the contract, we want you to know that we are going to still be involved in the transaction and make sure everything runs as intended. We will be here to answer any of your questions, coordinate any walk through's of the property that you want and connect you with the current homeowner whenever needed. 

If you would like us to not be involved after we assign the contract, that is also fine. At that point it is your deal and we want to make the process as convenient as possible.

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