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5 Tips To Sell For Sale By Owner Syracuse NY

for sale by owner syracuse ny

Lets just skip the agents and save our selves thousands of dollars by selling For Sale By Owner.

However, I am not saying that selling For Sale By Owner in Syracuse NY is impossible by any means. What I am saying is that to increase your odds of a successful sale and selling your home for what an agent would get for it, there are certain tips that you should focus on to improve your odds.

The more you are prepared for the sale and the better the plan you have put together, the better odds you will have of selling for sale by owner in Syracuse NY.

So basically we need to figure out what real estate agents are doing to sell our houses and see if we can match their ability or maybe even do it better.

Personally. after buying and selling multiple properties, I realized that I was paying these real estate agents to much for something I thought I could possibly handle by myself.

I am not bashing real estate agents whats so ever. They are professionals in the real estate industry and work very hard. It is just sometimes hard to find a real estate agent that is a professional and works really hard ( wink wink).

5 Tips For Selling For Sale By Owner in Syracuse NY

Deciding to sell for sale by owner in Syracuse NY can be a little scary. There is a lot that goes into deciding to sell, preparing to sell, listing, showing and selling your home. This process can be overwhelming to a homeowner who is unaware of what to expect or has yet to put together a plan on they will sell their home.

For Sale By Owner Syracuse NY

1) Comparable Market Analysis - The first step in the process of selling your home FSBO in Syracuse NY is to determine the full market value for your home. A comparable market analysis is going to tell us comparable properties in our area have sold for in the past 3-6 months. (To get your free CMA, click here). The most important part of listing your home is pricing the property right. A detailed comparable market analysis is going to compare not only the structure of your home but also the amenities, level of fixtures, and overall condition of your home compared to the others. From your CMA, you will get a full market value of your home and we will make adjustments to the price depending on how your home matches up with the comparable homes. Once we find out the full market value for our home, a good listing price for our home and an idea of any repairs or additions we need to make, we can focus on the next area.

2) Flat Fee MLS Listing - In my opinion this is the only edge that real estate agents have on homeowners who try to sell for sale by owner in Syracuse NY. However, now we have the ability to list our home on the MLS (multiple listing service) for a one time fee. This one time fee can range anywhere from $100 - $350 depending on any extras you may want. This is a good idea because now every real estate agent in the area knows your home is on the market and if they have a potential buyer who may be interested in your location, square footage, price, etc. they can now get in touch with you.

For Sale By Owner Syracuse NY

3) Marketing - Listing your home on the MLS is the first part of your marketing. To really ensure that we have a quick sale and the our listing price, we need to come up with a market plan. There are several different techniques that you can take when deciding how you will market your house. I just want to give you my opinion. A typical sale with a real estate agent will consist of yard sign, newspaper, brochures, fliers and some internet marketing. To tell you the truth this usually does get the job done. I like to shift the majority of my marketing efforts to the internet and use some specific strategies to gain the exposure my home needs to sell fast. (when i sell my houses, I use no signs, fliers, brochures, newspaper listings etc.) I am not saying I shouldn't, I just don't. I trust the internet and believe that is the most cost efficient medium to market.

Here are some quick stats:

  • 43% of all home buyers started their search online

  • 88% of all home buyers used the internet as a source of information

  • 43% of all home buyers found the home they purchased on the internet

  • 80% of all home buyers use the internet (frequently) to search for homes

Creating an online marketing plan and using the right mediums will increase the chances of selling you home 10 fold. In this blog post, we go over how to create a detailed marketing plan and what mediums to use.

4) Paperwork - This part of the sale is not fun and can be tedious but if you organize and understand all the forms, you will be in much better shape. We want to gather all of the information that we have pertaining to the house because we will need this information for closing (and maybe during the sales process).

  • Survey

  • Plans & permits for any additional upgrades

  • Loan Documents : first mortgage , second mortgage or any home equity lines of credit

  • Utility Bills

  • Property Tax Bills

  • Property Disclosure

  • Lead Paint Disclosure

  • Purchase Contract

We want to have all this information ready for potential buyers so that if they ask, we are not scrambling around to find it. You are going to need a blank copy of a lead paint disclosure, property disclosure and a purchase contract. (email me at and I can get you copies of all 3 three of these documents).

For Sale By Owner Syracuse NY

5) Preparing to show / Open House - When you list your property for sale, you should schedule an open house anywhere from a week to 2 weeks out. You will be able to market your property for the first week and make people aware that your home is on the market and the specific date of your open house. If you follow our online marketing guidelines, you will also be holding personal walk through's at your house. You have to be flexible with your time if you plan on selling your home for sale by owner in Syracuse. You will need to accommodate your potential buyers and be available when they can be. So make sure your home is ready to show. Make sure there is no clutter around your home, your home is clean and smells good.

Wrapping Up How To Sell For Sale By Owner In Syracuse NY

Selling your home on your own is not easy and it can be very time consuming. This is usually why homeowners hire a real estate agent to handle the sale. However if you do want to put in the effort and save a couple thousand dollars, there has never been a better time to sell your home for sale by owner in Syracuse NY. With all of the tools we have available to us, there is no reason that we should not be able to sell your home by yourself. Another option you can consider is selling you home to a real estate investor, there will be no commissions, closing costs, repair costs and you will enjoy a hassle free sale.

In the comment section below, tell us about any success stories you have had selling your home by yourself. Also if you have any questions in regards to the process be sure to let us know.

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