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Selling To HS Property Funds vs Listing With A Local Real Estate Agent

No matter the state of the real estate market, it is smart to look at all of your options and see which option best suits you and your families needs. While listing with an agent has the possibility of bringing you "top dollar" for your home, that does not always mean the most money in your pocket. Let's take a look at the details below to compare your options.


Closing Costs:


Average Days on Market:

Appraisal Needed:

Open Houses/ Showings:

Closing Date:

Who Pays For Repairs:

Selling w/ An Agent

Selling w/ HS Property Funds

7%+ is paid by you, the seller

2% on average is paid by you, the seller

Always, up to 15% of financed deals fall through

+/- 90 Days

Yes, Sale is subject to an appraisal

Depends, Usually several

45-120+/- days after offer accepted

Negotiated during inspection



NONE- We pay all closing costs


NONE- We are your first/only buyer- Cash Offer


NONE- Just us

We let you choose the date. 

NONE- We handle all repairs.

See What Option Works Best For You & Your Family

Take some time and evaluate the numbers for both situations. Each option offer's it's own unique benefits when selling your Syracuse NY home. 


We understand that selling through HS Property Funds may not be in every seller's best interest. We will not be able to offer full market value for your home, but we offer several other benefits compared to the traditional sale. 


We want you to understand your options and be able to make the best possible decision for you and your family. Sometimes real estate investment firms can get a bad wrap & we truly understand your skepticism. We promise to try and create offers that are beneficial to both parties. If our offer is not something you agree with, no hard feelings. We will try and help you out in any way possible and offer our professional opinion on what your best options are for your specific situation.

Offer To Close in As Little As 14 Days

Depending on your specific situation, maybe a fast sale is beneficial to your goals. The majority of the time we can close on properties in as little as 14 days. (depending on title, abstract and survey issues) 


You will no longer have to make utility, insurance, tax and mortgage payments. If you go ahead and list your home with an agent, there is a good chance your home could sit on the market anywhere from 45 days to 6 months (to a year). During that period you will have to make these holding costs payments and these expenses can add up. 


We just want to make you aware of these costs that you will accrue during the time you are waiting for your property to sell.

No Repairs | Maintenance or Cleaning For Every Buyer That See's Your House

If you have ever tried to sell your house, you know it can be a hassle to try and clean your home and maintain this upkeep throughout the entire sales process. We at HS property Funds will take care of the cleaning process. 


We all live busy lives and know that sometimes it can be hard to keep your home in perfect condition. (who has time for it?) All those repairs needed to sell your house at full market value and become very expensive and take up a lot of your time. 


No matter what condition your home is in, we are interested. We want you to understand that there are other options besides paying thousands of dollars in repairs and spending month's to make these changes. 

Closing Costs? Don't Worry About Them (We Got You Covered)

We at HS Property Funds try to make the selling process as easy as possible on you and your family. We pay for all of the closing costs when it is time to finalize the deal. What we offer is what you will bring home (minus any mortgage payoff's or liens on your property) 

So before you decide to sell your home, make sure you evaluate all of your options. We truly just want to educate you on the selling process and ensure that the decision you make is the right one. A lot of homeowners are not aware of the alternative routes to sell their home. 


If the traditional route is best for you and your family.. then great. We will be the first ones to tell you that.


If selling FSBO may be a good route for you... great. We will also explain the benefits of this option and how to go about it.


But, if you need to sell your home fast, do not want to make repairs, do not want to pay commissions/ closing costs, do not want to pay utilities, insurance, taxes and mortgage while your home sits on the market then maybe selling to a real estate investment firm is your best option.

Run The Numbers & Get A Free No Obligation Cash Offer Today

Just fill out the short form below or give us a call at (315)516-8023 and let's find out the best solution for your specific situation. As stated before, our process is simple and we can close at a convenient date for you. Our cash offers are obligation free - there is no commitment involved. If you do not agree with the offer we will do everything we can to help you in the direction you wish to move forward with. 

Key Terms


Inspection Contingency - The homebuyer can cancel the sale or negotiate the repairs based on the results of the home inspection.


Financing Contingency - A buyer must get approved for a loan before being able to purchase the home. In the event that the buyer can not secure financing, the buyer can decide to back out of the purchase of the home. 


Sellers Concessions - A home buyer asks the home seller to pay costs on the home on the buyer's behalf. This can include title insurance, processing fees, origination fees, inspection fees, transfer taxes, down payments and much more.


Home Sale Contingency - A home buyer needs to sell their current home in order to purchase the sellers home.

Learn More About How Your Simple Selling Solution Today

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