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Top real estate apps in 2017 for agents and brokers to streamline their business

Real Estate Apps

For newbie realtors to become great at what they do, they need proper software and apps. The best help them become top-tier producers. It might surprise you, but there are still agents that can’t, or don’t want to, learn advanced technology. Some think it’s too complicated; others believe that old-fashioned techniques will never fade away. Things have changed in the real estate realm. Tools are meant to streamline your tasks; helping you increase profits and stand above the crowd. Why would you say no to recognition? Think in the best interest of your business, and crush the competition.

Here are some of this year’s best real estate apps for agents and brokers. Each of them might be useful to you in the real estate business. Check them out.


One of the toughest jobs of a realtor is to decide on a competent CRM (customer relationship management) system. With contactually, your search is over. While it’s true that the amount of apps and tools is endless, Contactually is different. Rather than just managing leads and contacts, the app helps realtors handle relationships. It provides users with customized automated follow-up reminders, pipeline management, advanced automation tools, and more. These features help you do your job extremely fast and productively.


More than 250,000 companies around the world use DocuSign. In the real estate domain, it is the type of app real estate agents and brokers need. These people are used to signing and approving all sorts of documents on a daily basis. Therefore, DocuSign is the best tool to keep their work organized. The app provides high-end electronic signature management, together with a platform where they can handle deals and sign paper electronically.

Another great feature is the ZipForm Plus integration. This means that all your NAR documents are easily integrated within the DocuSign system. Other similar software program can’t do this. To streamline your business, it also provides an excellent transaction management platform. Use it to keep track of your documents, and make sure all transactions are managed properly.


Real estate agents want to make sales; that’s their core goal and MagicPlan can be of great assistance. The app makes delegating floor plans incredibly easy. Having a digital footprint of a property they have on the market streamlines the process, saving the company time and money.

MagicPlan makes virtual property visualization easier. It measures room dimensions, crafting a perfect floor plan. To help clients paint a better picture of the property, the app lets users add furniture and other home accessories.


Most real estate agents travel often, and can’t find the time to get back into their office to sign and print papers. SignEasy makes the process easier. The app can be used to “draw” an electronic signature, so that you can sign papers and documents without being in the office. Use SignEasy directly from your phone, and stay updated with paperwork required to close the best deals.

Smarter Agent Mobile

For a monthly fee, you can use Smarter Agent Mobile to choose your favorite branded realtor apps. Rather than pay a web developer for a customized app, Smarter Agent provides excellent branding, listings, and even agents. Both potential and existing clients can get the app at a convenient price. Clients can use it to look for active listings, whereas agents and brokers can easily lay out their services, and hunt for prospects.


Skitch is an excellent app that brokers and real estate agents can use to personalize their photos and PDFs with arrows, highlights, boxes, and text. Professionals can use it to draw attention and let their prospects know about new listings in a much easier manner. With Skitch, communicating your message online has never been easier.

Streamline the way you do business and choose the best real estate apps that fit your business. Decide on the ones that match with your goals and mission; and find sensible, practical ways to stand above the competition. Each of the apps we mentioned above might come in handy at some point. Some offer functionalities that you might have not even thought of. They’re actually pretty useful if you’re planning to consider property investment in Turkey.

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