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When Are The Onondaga County Property Tax Due Dates?

Onondaga county property Taxes

Are you wondering when your Onondaga County Property Taxes may be due? If so, that is what we are here to talk to you about today.

Property taxes are one thing that we can't avoid. Each year we will be required to pay our property taxes or there will be repercussions.

The fiscal year for property taxes is January 1st to December 31st.

Within those bills; your county, town and special district taxes will be included in one tax bill along with any village taxes from the prior year.

Let's make this post fairly simple and go over when your Onondaga county property taxes are due and what the penalties will be if you miss payments.

In the nineteen towns in Onondaga County, taxes are due the first business day in January and are payable to the town Receiver/Collector of taxes.

We will not receive a penalty on our tax bill unless taxes are not paid by January 31st.

If we fail to pay our taxes by the 31st; the repercussions will look like this:

  • February: 1% penalty is added

  • March: 1.5% penalty is added

  • April 1st: 6% - all unpaid taxes will be sent to Onondaga County; Department of Finance for collection.

  • May 1 to 31 - 6.5%

  • June 1 to 30 - 7%

  • July 1 to 31 - 7.5% (plus .25 filing fee & $5 Discharge of Lien)

  • August 1 to 31 - 8% (plus .25 filing fee & $5 Discharge of Lien)

  • September 1 to 30 - 8% (plus $70 advertising fee plus .25 filing fee)

The annual percentage rate on unpaid taxes is 12%.

When are School Taxes Paid in Onondaga County?

While we are at it, we mine as well discuss when school taxes are due in Onondaga County.

School taxes and property taxes are not due at the same time.

The fiscal year for school taxes in Onondaga County runs from July 1 to June 30.

School taxes are due on or about September 1. School taxes may be paid without penalty for the first thirty days of the collection period. Penalties are accrued after the first month. See bill for dates and amount due or call the School tax receiver.On or about November 1, the School Tax Receiver/Collector returns all unpaid School taxes to the Onondaga County Finance Department.

These taxes are collected by the Onondaga County Finance Department in November with 5% penalty. See bill for the last collection date as it varies each year.

Wrapping Up | When Are The Onondaga County Property Tax Due Dates?

We all know that there are a few things we can't avoid in life and one of those things are taxes. We also understand that sometimes we can't always keep up with some of the tax payment that are asked of us. We have family issues, financial issues or some other debts that may be weighing us down. We hope that this post clarified the dates when your taxes are due and if you fail to pay what the repercussions may be.

If you are unable to make these tax payments, may be it has been a couple years, we supply a service that may benefit you. If you fail to pay your taxes for 3 years, Onondaga county will seize your property due to unpaid taxes. The problem homeowners have is that they sometimes wait to long and get to far behind to make the tax payment to get caught up. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your house fast, do not want to make any repairs, pay any commissions and avoid the credit hit from a foreclosure, we can help.

To learn more about our unique selling solution, click the link below.

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