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How To Make Your Onondaga County Property Tax Payment

Onondaga County Property Tax Payment

The only 2 things guaranteed in this world are life and death...... and taxes.

Every year homeowner's living in Onondaga County are required to pay both school and property taxes.

While some homeowner's decide to escrow the payments of taxes, insurance and mortgage. Other's decide to pay these bills separate.

Important Information to Make Onondaga County Property Tax Payment

1) Mail all delinquent property taxes for properties outside of the city of Syracuse to:

Chief Fiscal Officer

PO Box 1004

Syracuse NY, 13201

2) Deliver in person to:

Onondaga County Finance Department

Civic Center, 15th Floor

421 Montgomery St, Syracuse NY 13202

3) For properties located within the City of Syracuse:

Contact the city finance department at (315)448-8310

4) Onondaga County Finance Department Office Hours

Monday - Friday / 8:00am - 4:00pm

Important Note : Provide property tax # or include recent statement to ensure the correct property is credited.

5) Taxes are due on the first business day in January

6) Taxes may be paid without penalty until January 31st

7) On April 1st each year, all unpaid taxes are sent to Onondaga County, department of finance for collection

8) Partial Payments:

All partial payments need to be made during the penalty free period when taxes are due.

Conclusion|Onondaga County Property Tax Payment

Property and school taxes are required to be paid every year. To avoid any interest penalties, make sure that you pay your property taxes in January. If you know that you are going to have an issue with paying your property taxes, contact the City Finance Department and they will be able to direct you on the best possible path ensure you do not fall behind.

If you are in a position, where you are unable to pay your Onondaga County property taxes and the city is going to seize your property, give us a call at (315) 516-8023 or CLICK HERE to learn more about our simple home selling solution.

HS Property Funds

Funds to Help, Problems to Solve

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