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5 Ways A Seller Can Improve The Curb Appeal Of Their Home Before Selling in Syracuse NY

Curb Appeal Syracuse NY

You have reached a point in your life where you have determined that it is finally time to sell your home in Syracuse NY.

The only problem is, is that the exterior of your home needs a face-lift.

You are willing to put some money into the house but you only want to make the most cost-efficient repairs ensure that you will get your money back (plus some) when you finally do sell your home.

The first thing that potential home buyers notice is the exterior of your property.

The curb appeal of your property has the ability to make or break a sale, receive offers or not receive offers.

No matter how nice the interior of your property is, if the exterior of your home is in very rough shape, these potential buyers may never make it inside.

When it comes to the sale of your home, the first impression means a lot.

In a recent study, 63% of home buyers will drop by and take a look at a property that they see and like on the internet.

This means that if these potential buyers come by and take a look at the property and the curb appeal is horrendous, you may never get a call from these folks to know they were interested.

So what can you do to improve the curb appeal of your home before selling in Syracuse NY?

Let's find out....

5 Curb Appeal Improvements That Offer The Best Return On Your Money in Syracuse NY

1) Replacing / Painting The Front Door - This may seem like a minor change to the curb appeal of your home and it is. Your front door engages in the most wear and tear throughout the life of your home and a new / freshly painted front door offers a very welcoming atmosphere. Did we mention that replacing your front door will yield you your best payback? A new steel door will probably run you about $1,200 but you will be able to recoup about 75% of that cost upon the sale of your home while also increasing attractiveness and the energy efficiency of the home.

2) Replacing Garage Door - You heard it right, replacing the garage door. Replacing your garage door continues to be the lowest- cost home improvement projects with one of the largest returns on investment. When you replace your garage door, expect to recoup anywhere from 70% - 80% upon the sale of your property. Along with the front door replacement, you will be increasing the curb appeal and energy efficiency of the home.

3) Replacing Old Siding - One critical component that you should not overlook when thinking about making repairs to the exterior of your home is the siding. Although replacing the siding can be somewhat expensive, it does offer a valuable return on investment and increases the curb appeal tremendously. According to a recent study, the average cost of replacing the siding of your home is about $14,000 and you can expect a hefty return on investment of about 77%. Not to bad right?

4) Roof Replacement - I know what your thinking, but replacing the roof is going to cost me so much money? I agree, that a roof replacement is one of the most expensive projects that you could take on but we want you to look at every repair as an investment. With that being said a roof replacement does also offer a valuable return on investment. The average roof replacement in Syracuse NY is about $10,000 and you can expect to get back about 71% of that once you sell the property.

5) Deck & Patio Additions - I understand that in Syracuse NY, it snows about 60% of the year and that the use of a deck or patio will be limited. And yes, this is true. However, typically homes will be sold in the spring and summer so you will be able to show off your lovely deck when it comes time to sell. Our love for outdoor living space is becoming much more appealing to the new homeowner, so by providing them with a new beautiful deck, the chances of a sale increase tremendously. A typical deck in Syracuse NY will run you about $7,000. Expect to get back about 75% of that cost once you sell the property.

Wrapping it up | Curb Appeal Syracuse NY

I hope that we gave you some insight on exterior curb appeal repairs that offer the best return on investment. When you go about making repairs on your home, we want you to consider each repair as an investment and to only make repairs that will give you a good return. The whole goal of making these repairs will be to increase the value of our home while being able to pull that money out once we sell. So keep an open mind when making these decisions and consider which repairs will offer the best return when it comes time to sell.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sell your house in about 14 days without experiencing the hassle of listing your property with an agent, having open houses, making large repairs, having your house sit on the market and not have to pay closing costs?

If this interests you, we can help. It is a simple process. You can start the simple process today, just click the link below and start making the steps towards selling your house fast.

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