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5 Reasons You Can't Survive Without A Lead Generating Real Estate Investing Website

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Real Estate Investing Website Syracuse NY

Generating high quality leads through your real estate investing website is a critical component to your overall marketing plan.

Whether you are a wholesaler, landlord, flipper, land investor or note buyer; you need a real estate website that ranks well, converts at a good clip, is well designed, easy to navigate and above all educational.

You see it all the time... "Create a lead converting website in minutes" or "sign up to get your FREE lead generating website."

I'll tell you what, just because you have a domain name on the web does not mean you will get a single lead through the internet.

When we speak of a real estate investing website, we speak of an educational hub for your clients where they can learn about your services, alternative options and presenting information that will help your sellers solve their problems. By creating this educational hub, you will be able to rank for specific keywords, draw more traffic and give your business more opportunity to convert your website visitors into leads.

Building a sufficient online presence for your business will take some time but you need to remember that you are creating an asset that will benefit your business for years to come. Each new piece of content that you create around valuable, highly searched keywords will be another opportunity to drive leads into your funnel.

5 Reasons A GREAT Real Estate Investing Website Will Change Your Business

Building a real estate investing website is your first step towards developing an online presence for your specific niche. With a dramatic increase in online search, especially in the mobile arena, we are seeing that when people are in looking for solutions to their problems they are turning to internet.

1) A Key Source Of Lead Generation - "Google processes over 40,000 search queries a second, which translates to more than 3.5 billion searches per day". As you can see and should know, search is becoming an integral aspect of everybody's daily lives. Currently in 2016, nearly all americans have access to smart phones and we are now seeing more than 51% of searches coming from mobile devices. This means that your audience now has the ability to search for solutions to their problems from anywhere at any time. If you are unable to reach your target market through mobile search, you are missing out on large opportunity to educate your audience on your services.

2) Higher Quality Leads / Motivated Sellers Find You - If you have been in this business for any amount of time, you know that outbound marketing strategies are pushed as the way to succeed with your real estate investing business. Through these techniques you are seeking out your target market which results in one way advertising. I am not saying that their is no place in your marketing strategy for outbound techniques, however I am saying that inbound marketing produces higher quality leads and more motivated sellers. You see, when somebody does a google search for your services, such as "who buys houses in cash in syracuse" they are seeking a solution to their problem. In our current market, people are more in control of the information they receive and are getting better at blocking ads they do not want to see. In other words "you will be engaging with your customers by appealing to their interests, not shoving ads in their face." You are essentially creating value for your customers and providing information for your motivated sellers to make their OWN decision.

3) Analytics / Web Insights - Any good marketer knows that the more information you have on your target market the more likely you will be able to attract and convert them. By creating an online hub that draws traffic you will be able to track valuable information from each site visit. Tools such as google analytics will show you which keywords are used, the demographics, website behaviors, locations and interests of the people searching for your services. This will allow you to create better landing pages, ppc ads, social media ads and content around your target market. By understanding what keywords are being searched for to find your service, you will now be able to create specific content around those keywords, so that you will have more pages ranked around those searched terms. This will give you more opportunity to attract your target audience. So from this information, you will be able to create better buyer personas to understand your customers interests, pain points and behaviors. You can never have enough information on your target market and creating a real estate investing website that is optimized and draws traffic will allow you to collect data on a daily basis.

4) A Location To Direct Your Marketing Too - Creating a real estate investing website will allow you a location to push all of your market efforts too. From your internet ads to your outbound marketing, this hub that you create will be the central point to all of your efforts. Within your website, you should create specific landing pages for each ad that you create. According to statistics provided by Linkdn:

  • Companies that have 40+ landing pages receive 12x more leads than companies with 5 or fewer

  • Companies that have 30+ landing pages receive 7 x more leads than companies with 10 or less

  • Of companies that see a large increase in sales, 71% tested multiple landing pages

  • 64% of marketers say that landing pages are the best way to test value propositions

By pushing your marketing efforts to your home page and landing pages you will allow your target market to learn about your business, see testimonials from previous customers, learn personal information about you which in turn will build trust and credibility with your audience.

5) A Educational Hub For Your Customers & Business

As we spoke about earlier, you main goal for your website is to create a educational hub that will inform your target market about their problems and your business. By educating your customers on specific topics that apply to solving their issues you will attract more visitors, increase your odds of earning their business and build credibility and trust. In regards to your target market you want to:

  • Create content around the selling process, the buying process, selling to an investor, mortgage process, current state of real estate market and all other topics that your buyers personal may be interested in.

  • You will do this through ebooks, vlogs, blogs, content pages, e books, white papers, infographics or any other medium through which content can be produced.

  • The more high quality content you produce, the more traffic you will get which will result in more conversions for your business.

As a real estate investor you have to educate your audience on your services. We as investors, sometimes get a bad wrap as being scam artists or sketchy due to the individuals who operate their business in such manner. Many home sellers are unaware that your services are even available, so the more people you can educate on your services, the more comfortable they will be in choosing you to work with. When it comes to educating your audience on your services, you will want to:

  • Provide them with testimonials - customer testimonials significantly contribute to purchase decisions.

  • Your services - The process of selling to a real estate investor, how long it will take, how closings work, how you buy, how it benefits the sellers.

  • Business Information - Tell them where you are located, where you can be reach (emails, phone numbers, skype etc), hours of operation, how long you have been in business and your mission statement.

  • Personal Information - If you are the owner of the business - become transparent, present a photo of yourself and tell your customers why you started your business. People are more likely to do business with business owners who do not hide behind their website.


Begin creating a presence online. Start by creating a website and hosting it on the internet. Then begin to build your online presence every day. List your business on all of top business directories online, register & optimize all of your social media channels, begin creating a blog and educate yourself on how to create a highly optimized, lead converting website. This process can take months, but do not give up. You will begin to catch some traction and see results.

If you have created your own website for real estate investing, let us know which tactics you are using to draw traffic to your website and how you have been able to create a high converting website.

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