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Importance of SEO to Become A Successful Real Estate Investing

SEO Real Estate Investing

It is 2016, as all of us (or at least the majority of us) are under the belief that more and more people are moving to the internet/mobile to access data.

There is so much information on the internet these days and people now a days seem to "google" everything.

No matter where you are, if you are looking for an answer, it is now in the palm of your hands.

So how important is it rank on the first page of google or other search engines?


I would take it a step further and say locally, you need to rank #1 for several important keywords that your target market may be searching to reach someone with your services.

SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your website (Lead Capture Hub). Using SEO as an inbound marketing tool will allow your business to get in front of customers who search for different keywords who are looking for your service.

So What Is SEO?

"Search Engine Optimization" is the the process of improving the search activity to your website. For some reason, people are under the impression that SEO is complicated. Google displays links to pages that they deem relevant and authoritative. The authority of your website is mostly measured by the number of links to your website from other sites on the internet.

How Do I Get Backlinks?

The short answer is to create great content. The more valuable the information you put out, the more links you will receive from other websites. The better the content you put out, the higher these search engines will rank you. Google's sole purpose is to show interesting and

SEO Real Estate

authoritative pages on their search results. In regards to real estate, you should try to be as valuable to everyone in the industry as you can. Blog about the topics you are proficient in, make your website, an information hub for homeowners and investors. Really try to educate your industry on your expertise.

Create a strategy to share your blog posts or website information to increase your odds of receiving back links. Use Facebook, , Instagram, google+, Tumblr, Reddit, medium, bigger pockets and others to test your blog sharing strategy and see which vehicles work best for your specific niche.

"Create great content & put it in front of the right people in your industry"

Links are important but don't confuse quality with quantity and don't think about links in isolation from your content. It's vital to understand that having great content massively increases your chances of securing natural links from quality relevant pages. These links will help you the most.

In simple language if you have something worth linking to you might secure links worth having. Great sites don't link to poor quality content, why would they?

Choosing The Right Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects to a successful SEO/inbound marketing campaign. Ranking for the right keywords can potentially make or break the success of your website. We want to focus on getting the most targeted leads to our websites, so we need to determine what keywords our target market is searching for. Keyword research does not stop once you optimize your site initially for your first set of keywords. We need to do continued research to adapt to the changing markets and our target markets thoughts. Keywords offer a valuable low barrier of entrance into what could potentially be a competitive market. Play the game right and your chances of success with inbound marketing can increase dramatically.

SEO Real Estate

I want you to ask yourself is the keyword you are optimizing your site for relevant to your goals for real estate investing. Are you creating a website to attract motivated sellers? Some sample keywords you could test are:

  • sell your home (insert city)

  • sell your house fast (insert city)

  • cash home buyers (insert city)

  • we buy houses (insert city)

  • sell your house now (insert city)

  • fast cash house sale (insert city)

You want to make sure that the people that are searching your chosen keywords are going to be happy with what these search engines link them too.

Search for the keywords on google that you intend to use

These results will give you a look into what companies currently rank for the keywords that you intend to try and rank for. You will then be able to understand who your competitors are and how

Great Content Real Estate

Test your keyword - buy a sample google adwords campaign

If your website doesn't currently rank for your keyword then you can nonetheless buy a campaign and begin to test this keyword. This will give you valuable insight into how many people are searching for this term and if this term is bringing quality customers to the table. You can now track conversions and site visits and see if this is a keyword that you want to pursue.

Move forward with your tested keywords

Now that you have tested some specific keywords. It is time to analyze this data. For example, lets say that one of your tested keywords brought you 2,500 impressions, of which 100 customers have visited your site. From those 100 visitors, 3 have converted into good leads. If one of those leads allows you to make 10,000 dollars off a wholesale deal or flip, you know that this keyword will be valuable to your business.


I want you guys to understand that this is just a brief breakdown of some of the key components of SEO that will allow you to begin moving in the right direction. SEO is a game that needs to be studied if you plan on being successful with it. It is a topic that I highly recommend you take advantage of.

SEO is not something that is intended to be rushed. Do not go out and buy a bunch of junk back-links or try to over optimize your site so fast. Google is not dumb, they have systems in place to track these events and they will discredit your website and you will lose your ranking.

We Buy Houses Syracuse NY

This has the potential to negatively effect your website domain/business for years. So make sure you create great, new content and share it with several mediums to increase the odds of you receiving back links. Educate yourself on keyword research and test different keywords until you find some valuable keywords that you feel you can rank for. If you educate yourself on these topics, there is no reason that you should not be able to rank locally in your market.

We would love to any success stories that you may have had with SEO? Or any influential websites that you have used to turn your website into an authoritative hub.

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