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Sell your Syracuse NY home without repairs.

sell syracuse ny home without repairs

Ever get so busy with life that you find it hard to keep up with your home repairs?

As they days, weeks & months go by, we seem to get busier and busier. Whether its family, work or your hobbies it always seems to get in the way of keeping up with your house. Owning a house can be overwhelming at times, cant it? There is so much to do to get your house in the shape you want it but there is only so much time and money.

If you continue to hold off on making the necessary repairs to keep your Syracuse home up to date, when it is comes time to sell you may not be able to get the selling price for your home that you may have imagined when you bought it. So when it comes to selling your Syracuse NY home without making the necessary repairs you have a few options.

1) List your home with a realtor for a price under market value. Try to find a buyer that is willing to live in the home in the condition that it is.

2) Try to find a real estate investor who can give you a cash offer. This will eliminate the commissions that you will pay your realtor. This is another case where you will be listing your home under market value to achieve a sale of your Syracuse NY home without repairs.

When it comes time to make this decision, be sure to put a lot of thought into which option is best for your family. If you are in no rush, listing your home with a realtor may be the best option. The issue with selling your Syracuse NY home without repairs is that you never know how long your house is going to sit on the market. So this process could take a long time, so be prepared. If it is an urgent situation, finding a real estate investor in Syracuse to purchase the home for you may be your best option. A legit real estate investor will be able to purchase your home in cash and close on the property when you want to. There will be no sitting on the market waiting for a buyer. Your buyer (real estate investor) will come to you.

So depending on your urgency of the sale of your Syracuse NY Home, look at both of these options and choose whats best for you and your family.

Your Best Home Buyer

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