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When is the best time to sell your Syracuse NY home?

When is the best time to sell my house? Spring, Summer?

We tend to hear this question asked a lot, but is there truly a best time to sell your home in syracuse?

The saying is "sell during the prime season" which starts in the spring and lasts through the summer. Spring starts the busiest period for buying and selling homes in most areas. As the warm weather comes, more day light and the fact that homeowners want to get settled in before the next school calendar year, this seems to be the time most home buyers start looking. As we know if your buying a house in syracuse or selling a house in syracuse not many people tend to be to active in our winters. So is that a good thing? Sounds like less competition to me?

Advantages : Prime Season

1) Higher Sales Price - One thing you can guartnee is that if their are more houses on the market, your home will be valued for more. As we stated previously, there are more home buyers and home sellers in Syracuse (statistically) during the spring and summer months. So if your looking for a higher valued price for your home, these months might be best for you.

2) Higher Value - This goes back to (Higher Sales Price) if the appraisers only have comparable properties from homes that sold during the winter time for a cheaper price than your home may be valued at a far lesser amount. Appraisers use the most recent sales of comparable homes to yours. So if you are getting your home appraised in the summer, the spring months will probably have brought higher sales prices for some comparable homes in your area.

3) Light - In syracuse, the days start to get longer, so that means there is more light when your showing your houses. Natural light helps to sell homes and the more of it that you can get shining through the windows the better chance you have of selling. Did i mention that the sun tends to make people happier in Syracuse?

Disadvantages: Prime Season

1) Fierce Competition - So there is more houses on the market? It increased the value of your home ? Thats all good news, but now you have the face the fact that their are more houses for these home buyers to look at. And if you have lived in Syracuse for a long time, you know there is is always more of a supply for homes then their is a demand. So this is one reason you may consider selling in the Winter months.

2) Buyers are Picky - Hey, lets face it. Now a days buyers are extremely picky no matter what time of the year it is, but during the prime months, they seem to be a bit more picky. The reason for this is simple, their are more houses on the market and their are more houses they can compare yours too. House buyers want everything and they want it now!

If you have a great home Syracuse Ny, that is well taken care of, I promise, you will have no problem selling your home in Syracuse during the winter. Another issue with the winter time is that these home buyers might not be as motivated and you may recieve some low ball offers. Remember statistics show that selling the spring and summer will produce better results but testing your home in the winter with less competition could prove to work out for you.

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