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What is the Hardest Aspect Of Real Estate Investing in Syracuse NY?

So you want to get involved in real estate investing in Syracuse NY?

Whats your first move? I would say you probably saw a show on TV where people were flipping homes and making it look simple, you went and bought a book that explained if you follow these rules you will be making money in real estate in NO time, or you paid some extreme amount of money for an education seminar that taught you specific guidelines you need to follow.

First off in regards to these routes, every single market is different. There is NO cookie cutter system or plan that is going to get you the results you need. I dont care how much you spent on a seminar, most likely these folks are investing in California or Nevada or Texas. All of these markets are different and the spreads and margins are much larger. There are several different aspects of a successful house flip but all of those can be developed.

Developing systems is a big piece of the puzzle but in my opinion if you are take down a couple flips, these systems will develop without you even knowing.

In my eyes the only thing that real determines your success or not in this business is your ability to line up GREAT deals. Great deals are hard to come by but if you are able to bring in GREAT deals, everything will work out, I promise. You will have NO problem finding financing for GREAT deals (one of the biggest obstacles for early investors). What are other obstacles might you face....? Finding Contractors? Finding real estate agent? Putting together scopes? figuring out a budget?

If you are finding GREAT deals, you have room for mistakes, you dont have to be perfect, you have more profit in your deals, you have more of a contingency for unforseen issues.

so with out further or do.... drumroll please..... the hardest part about investing in real estate is..


finding great deals, trumps everything. I promise. So do me a favor go out and find great deals at a discount where everyone can make MONEy and you will be the most successful person in this industry.

Your Best Home Buyer

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