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Are Investors a good option when selling your home?

Real estate investor

People have different opinions/perceptions when it comes to real estate investors. Some tend to feel that investers can be conniving or just trying to benefit themselves. While this can sometimes be the case, it is not always the truth. As with any business there a good people out there and bad people, just depends on who you are doing business with.

When it comes to the sale of your home, do your research. Determine what route will be the best for you and your family. Are you not in a rush to sell your home and want top dollar for the home? Is your home is pristine condition and you can get top dollar for it? Then I wouldnt even think about using an real estate investor. On the other hand, is your home run down, needs a lot of fixing up? Are you having trouble making payments, leaving town or experiencing a death in the family? Do you just have an urgency to sell your home fast and move on? If you fall into any of these catergories, I would further do some research on what you can expect from a real estate investor.

I will give you a quick breakdown on what you can expect. You will have to sell your home at a discount. Investors will not consider buying your home if its not at discount because they need a spread to make money themselves.

They will purchase your home in Cash. The benefits of purchasing a home with cash is that they will be able to close quicker then your average buyer. Your average buyer has to go through a bank and get a loan. This always complicates things. Investors have the ability to sometimes close within 7-14 days.

Investors will prevent you from paying a brokergage and agents any commissions, so this will save you a couple dollars off the top.

Investors will also save you from having to declutter or fix your house up in any way. They will usually dispose of any debris or garbage that is left in the home if you dont want it.

So these are just a couple things you need to consider when thinking about using a real estate investor. If the situation will benefit you and your family and will also allow the investor to make a couple dollars it is a situation you should pursue. Just know going in what you will be giving up to get back in return.

Goodluck in selling your home.

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