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How Fast Can I Sell My Home in Syracuse Ny?

In our current market, homes are sitting on the market not as long and new home buyers (millennials) are entering the housing market. This is a good sign for many homeowners who are interested in selling their home. With several markets across the globe becoming over extended, mortgages being offered on a less lenient basis and prices sky rocketing some fear another bubble brewing. If you currently live in Upstate New York, Syracuse specifically this is not something that we have to worry about. As demand in our area has increased slightly houses are selling a little faster. I want to discuss today some tips for getting your house sold using an agent and some alternate routes to liquidate your property in a timely manner.

Tips for selling your home fast (traditional route)

When i speak of the traditional route, I am touching on using a real estate agent to get your house sold. Now if any of you guys have tried to sell a home or for all of you who have purchased a home you know this process can be drawn out and tedious. Here are some tips to get your house sold in a timely manner:

1) Try and differentiate from your neighbors

In order to make your home attract more attention, take a look at similar homes in your neighborhood that are on the market and try and make your home stand out. You can do this a couple ways: Try to increase the curb appeal of your home. Whether it’s painting the front door, giving your landscape a makeover or putting on a new roof. Depending on what’s in your budget be smart about your improvements and understand you are looking to get the money you put in, back out when you sell. You do not want to over improve your home and not get the money back on the back end.

2) Declutter your Home

This is a simple but important tip. When you are showing your house and starting the open house process, make sure all of the junk/clutter has been removed from the inside of your house. If you do not have any storage I recommend renting out a storage unit for about $80.00 a month just to make your home look cleaner and more attractive. Home buyers these days are picky, so try and do your best to leave a good first impression with them.

3) Incentives

Another way to draw some more appeal to your home is to try and sweeten the deal for your buyers. You can try to offer a couple thousand dollars towards closing costs, credits towards new windows, credits towards a new kitchen. There a lot of different ways to issue incentives get creative to draw some more attention.

4) Price it Right

To me this is the most important aspect of selling your home fast. This will basically be on the hands of your real estate agent, so make sure you hired a good one with a plan. Having your home priced fair will draw more buyers to your house. It is very easy for buyers to compare prices these days with all the tools offered on the internet, so make sure your agent did their homework and make this a topic of discussion with them. If your house is sitting on the market for months, take a look at how your home is priced. It is possible that you home is overpriced and may need some adjusting.

Using some of these tips will help you get your home on and off the market as quick as possible. The only other issue you are going to have to deal with after a contract is signed is dealing with the attorneys and the banks. This is where the process can come to a halt and slow down. Just because you signed a contract doesn’t mean the house is actually sold. You do not receive your check until you meet your buyer at the closing table and the bank gives you a check. So just keep this in mind when you are going to sell your home.

Cash Buyers & Investors

If you and your family are really in a hurry to sell your home due to some unforeseen reasons, having trouble making payments, divorce, a death in the family etc.. You may consider selling your home to an investor/ cash buyer. In our area of Syracuse there are not many people out there who have the ability to buy your home in cash and create a quick sale for you. The issue with selling to these folks is that they are going to want your home at a discount so they can either fix it up and sell for a profit or rent your home out. The benefits to selling to these individuals is that you are not going to have to deal with banks and you could possibly get your money in 7-14 days if your survey is up to date an you have access to your abstract. The only issue that may hold up this type of sale is title issues. This is the best option to a truly quick sale, just remember that you are going to have to give your home up for a discount but if you are willing to do that, you may want to consider this option.

Your Best Home Buyer

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