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Top Gyms in Syracuse NY

So we have reached the month of January again. The month where local gyms will see their biggest spike in gym memberships, individuals will try and fulfill resolutions and a time regular gym goer’s dread. This is the time of the year when people set new fitness goals and try claim this is the year they will become consistent with their workouts. While this is more than possible to accomplish, this rush usually only lasts till the end of the month. With people on the lookout for which gym to join to accomplish their goals, I figured I would touch on what I believe are the most popular gyms in our area. (Disclaimer: I have not been to every gym in the area, only based on experience)

1) Pacific Health club- At the top of the list I am going to have to go with my current gym, Pacific. With a very large list of different ways to get in shape from there 3 indoor pools, large heavy weight room, rock climbing walls, large cardio section, turf area, cross fit area along with a large array of classes there are endless possibilities for you to reach your goals. This gym is also brand new so all of the equipment is new and functional. The biggest perk about this gym is lack of crowdedness. Since the gym is so large, the people working out are usually distributed nicely throughout the gym. That means that your equipment will always be ready for your use and you will not find yourself waiting to workout. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, to me this gym currently supplies the most resources for your disposal.

2) Golds gym - I am going to put Golds gym at #2. Based on either of the locations that I have been to (Erie Blvd & Morgan Road) they both have a lot to offer with a good lay out. Golds gym as we all know is a very commercial and established business. Although there are not as many perks at Golds as at Pacific, the price point is better and they do still offer several options to reach your goals. The gym is a little smaller, so it may be more crowded. There’s a chance that people may be on your machines or equipment depending on what day you intend to go. They do offer newer equipment and the people that work there are friendly (at least in my experience). I would definitely recommend Golds gym if you are looking to join a Gym for the New Year.

3) Aspen Health club - Coming in at #3 is Aspen Health club. This is also a gym that I would recommend to people signing up to a new gym. I was a member at aspen for a very long time and enjoyed my time there. The biggest perk about Aspen is that there is more than one location that you can work out at with your membership. I believe there are locations in Cicero, Fairmount, Downtown Syracuse & Liverpool (Route 57). The Liverpool gym is the smallest and has the least to offer while the Fairmount gym is the newest and I believe has the most to offer out of any location. If I were to join Aspen, the Fairmount gym would be the gym of choice.

4) Planet Fitness - Planet Fitness will come in 4th on this list (for the sake of this list). Planet Fitness does have some unique offerings that the other gyms do not have. They have the lowest price point for sure and also offering tanning at a very cheap price to if you are member. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish in the gym, Planet Fitness may or may not be the gym that’s right for you. Planet Fitness tries to make everyone feel comfortable and offers a place to socialize and make friends. If you are very serious about turning your physical health around, this may not be the place for you. If you are just looking to go and do a couple machines and use the elliptical and treadmill, at 10$ a month you can’t beat it. Also if you are busy, this gym is open 24 hours so you can work out whenever you have time, no matter the time.

Remember these are only the gyms that I have been to since I have lived here. This is also not touching on Cross fit specific gyms, which is a popular trend these days. Some other local gyms in the area that you could look into are:

  • Metro Fitness

  • Hercules Gym (for very serious lifters)

  • YMCA

Depending on what your goals are for the New Year, take a look at each local gym and see which one is going to fit you best. Be sure to look at the price points, classes, condition, lay out. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the gym you choose. I hope that everyone who decides to change their fitness for the New Year can stay on track and accomplish their goals. Be sure to start slow and be consistent. Pick a couple days a week you will go, have a plan put together for you and do not miss no matter what.

I hope this post will help give you some options on gym to choose and wish you the best of luck reaching your goals.

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