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Some of the Most Expensive Houses Listed for Sales In the Syracuse Area

The Syracuse area is not known for its expensive houses or as being a location of high appreciation. When it comes to the most expensive homes there are only a few areas that can participate in this game. Using data from the MLS, Zillow & Trulia we have narrowed in on the most expensive homes in the Syracuse Area. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive single family homes currently on the market.

1) 4342 Chickadee Circle Syracuse, NY 13215 $559,500

2) 6171 Shapleigh Dr #5 Syracuse, NY 13224 $553,300

3) 4901 Cornish Heights Pkwy Syracuse, NY 13215 $550,000

4) 6168 Springdale Cir #10 Syracuse, NY 13224 $548,500

5) 5370 Sedalia Cir #16 Syracuse, NY 13224 $539,800

6) 4350 Chickadee Cir Syracuse, NY 13215 $499,900

7) 107 Rugby Rd Syracuse, NY 13206 (Eastwood) $499,000

8) 118 Hampshire Rd Syracuse, NY 13203 (Northside) $499,000

9) 1504 James St Syracuse, NY 13203 (Northside) $499.000

10) 4534 Broad Rd Syracuse, NY 13215 $474,900

As you can see the most expensive homes in the Syracuse area are going from $450,000 - $550,000. These homes are not extremely expensive and that is one of the bonuses of living in this area. This homes offer a lot of same amenities as multi million dollar homes you will see on the east coast (besides the weather)

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