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Real Estate Investing tools, information, tips and tricks to give you all the education you need to get started and profit in this business.

5 Tips To Flip A House | The Ultimate Guide

This 15-page document, gives you a detailed look into the 5 most important aspects of a flip that need to be accomplished to be successful. 

5 Tips To Begin Investing In Real Estate

Are you an individual looking to get started in the real estate investing game? This post explains 5 detailed tips to consider to become a successful real estate investors

6 Ways To Survive Real Estate Investing's Inevitable Challenges

If you have been investing in real estate for some time now, you understand that this game brings with it, it's fair share of challenges. In this post learn how to survive the challenges that real estate investing brings.

4 Systems To Make Your Rehabs Run On Schedule & On Budget

In order to create a successful real estate investing business, you need to develop specific systems for each department of your business. In this post, learn 4 systems needed to make your rehabs run on schedule and on budget.

3 Ways Your Real Estate Investment Business Can Dominate It's Competition

Looking to dominate your real estate market with your business? Here are 3 ways your real estate investment business can dominate your market

How To Sell Your House On Craigslist

Craigslist is a free medium for you to advertise the houses that you have renovated and put your blood, sweat, and tears into. Learn how to sell your house on this medium.

How To Calculate The ARV Of A Residential Property

The most important number when evaluating a property to invest in will be your after repair value. This number will be the starting point for every analysis you do. Learn how to put together an accurate ARV to ensure you produce a profit on every project.

The Role Of Your Acquisitions Department

Whether you have employees or don't. You will need to create systems for all the departments within your business. Your acquisition department is an important part of the business. Learn how this department operates and what their role is.

Can My Emotions Have An Effect On My House Flipping Business?

Your emotions can play an integral part in your ability to produce a profit from flipping a property. Learn how to control these emotions and how they can affect your business.

Real Estate Investing Project Manager: Responsibilities, Duties, Payment & Workload

If you behind on your property taxes you do have some options to relieve the pressure of Onondaga County seizing your home. 

The Importance of Material Lists For Your Investment Property Rehab

Do you have a property that is in need of repair? Then you may be looking to sell your property As-Is. Learn what it means to sell your property As-Is and if you can do so.

Facebook Advertise or Die 

In this post, you will learn the important of the social media medium Facebook and how to utilize it to gain exposure, find motivated sellers and grow your business.

Flipping Houses For Beginners: 5 Areas You Will Need To Master To Be Successful 

The operating of buying, rehabbing and selling a property for a profit is not easy. Learn the 5 basic areas you will need to master in order to be successful.

8 Real Estate Investing Departments To Grow & Organize Your Business

Within every business, there are specific departments. Your real estate investing business is no different. Learn the 8 real estate investing departments needed to grow and organize your business

6 Real Estate Investing Systems To Organize Your Construction Department

Your construction department is one of the most important departments in your business. You need to create systems in order to streamline this process and enable it to run in an efficient manner.

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