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Free CMA | Find Out The True Value Of Your Home Today
Detailed property analysis. Determine what your home will sell for under its current condition, market conditions and compared to similar properties
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"Comparative market analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold." 

Pricing Your Home Right

The right sales price will allow for a quick, easy, hassle free sale. A CMA will give you an accurate depiction of what your home in its current condition is worth. 

Current Market Conditions

Find out if we are in a sellers market or buyers market. This will give you a better look into if you should sell now or wait for the market to approve. 

List Of Additional Repairs

Get a list of optional repairs that can be made to increase the value of your home in order to get full market value for your home.

Professional Sales Advice

Based on your homes current condition, current market conditions and your specific situation, we will give you the best possible solution for your specific circumstance

Benefits Of Selling To HS Property Funds

No Real Estate Commissions

No need to give away 7% of the sales price of your home to real estate agents. We will save you the dreaded loss of commissions from a typical sale.

No Closing Costs

No need to bring any money to the closing table. We have that covered. We will take care of all of the expenses associated with selling your home.

No Obligation Cash Offers

No more waiting for your buyer to get approval for a mortgage. No more bad terms from your buyer. We have the cash ready to purchase your home.

Don't Test The Market

While your house sits on the market, your still paying your mortgage, utlities, insurance & taxes. Don't let your house sit on the market.

Fast Closings

We can close on your timeline. No more waiting on banks and paperwork. We can close in as little as 14 days. You choose the closing date.

No Repairs | Renovations

Making the necessary repairs to sell your home can be very expensive. We buy homes as is, so there is no need to waste your money on renovations.

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