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Tips to Manage Your Moving Costs When Selling Your Home

Moving Cost Tips

Your moving costs associated with a relocation from Syracuse NY can become expensive. If you have never had to deal with moving your belongings cross country or even within the state, you are probably unaware of the costs associated with a move.

In a study compiled in 2010 by Worldwide ERC, the average professional household move costs roughly $12,340.00. This cost correlates with a full service moving company - where they pack up your belongings and essentially handle the whole move.

Many homeowners elect to structure and handle the moves by themselves, for example, renting through U-Haul. If you have the helpers to help with the loading, this is a smart financial move for you.

In order to manage our moving costs, we much understand all of the costs associated with the move, eliminate the costs that to do apply to us and account for all the costs associated with our move.

While many expenses are unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down by planning ahead, comparing prices, and rethinking your presumptions about your moving options and expenses.

Give Me The Moving Tips.... Please

1) Change Your Address

This is the first step of the moving process and one that many forget to take action on. As soon as you know your forwarding mailing address, we suggest that you visit in order to make this change. I am sure your asking, why is this the first item I need to cross off my "moving cost" list. Well for starters, the longer you wait to make this change, the more likely you will be to forget this address.

Also, the postal service can be a great resource to assist you with tips for costs associated with the move. So you can basically kill 2 birds with one stone and set up that forwarding address while getting good information from the site.

2) Determine if Your Going To Do It Yourself or Hire Professionals

It is now time to decide if you are going to count on friends and family members or go with a professional moving company. Now the answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. Depending on who you talk with, the degree of the move and the distance being traveled you will get different answers. For more information on whether you should complete the move yourself or hire a professional, please visit this cost moving guide to help assist you with any questions you may have.

3) Unload What You Don't Need

Depending on if you chose to hire a professional or do it yourself, the price of your load is a large determinant of the total costs associated with your move. These items that you no longer want can typically be given to charity. Start trying to go through your house about 60-90 days out from your move to begin eliminating or separating items that you no longer want.

Do you have furniture or any larger items that may not fit in your new place? If so, consider selling these items and putting that money towards new furniture for your new pad. This will not only reduce the cost of the move, but also allow you to liquidate furniture that may not work anyways.

4) Start The Planning Process Early

No matter how big or small the move, we need to start planning early. What do this entail? Maybe some sticky notes or different colored tape to begin labeling each box to determine which room it will end up in. This will eliminate any confusion when it is time to unload the trucks at your new place.

5) Check the Tax Breaks

If you find your self moving due to a job loss, job relocation or a new job, you may be able to deduct some of the moving costs when it comes tax time. Some of the expenses you may be able to deduct are:

  • Transportation Expenses

  • Storage Costs for Household Goods

  • Travel & Lodging Expenses

To see if you qualify be sure to check the IRS guidelines.

6) Get Multiple Estimates

No matter if you decide to hire professionals or work through the move yourself, we advise you to get at least 3 prices on all services associated with the move. If you do decide to hire a professional, then make sure you get at least 3 different prices from these professionals. If you are going to coordinate the move yourself then you should be getting 3 different prices from truck rental companies, etc.

7) Consider Shipping Some Belongings

If you do not have a great deal of belongings and are making a long distance move, you should consider shipping some of your belongings. Some may not be aware but in certain circumstances it may be more cost effective to ship the USPS instead of hiring a long distance moving company or rental truck.

If shipping your items, only use brand new cardboard boxes. While old boxes can work well for short-distance moves, they can prove to be too flimsy for long-distance transit. Don’t take any chances, and protect your belongings with new, sturdy boxes.

Wrapping it Up

Making the big move from one location to another can be a time of extreme happiness. However, with that being said, most of the time this happiness comes with expenses. As with everything there are ways to minimize these costs and save yourself a couple dollars. By paying special attention to the financial aspects of moving and taking simple steps to reduce the costs, you’ll significantly lower this stress. This will make your transition to a new home and community easier for yourself and your family.

In the comment section below, if you have experienced a move, let us know some of the tips and tricks that you may have used to reduce your moving costs.

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