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Quick House Sale Syracuse NY; Expectations & Benefits

Quick House Sale Syracuse NY

Are you in a position where you need a quick sale on your house in Syracuse NY?

Are you currently experiencing a tough financial burden or maybe just have watched your property sit on the market for months and months?

There are certain situations where homeowners are in a position where they need to sell their house quick and they have no other options. As we all know, the traditional sales route has the potential to become a huge hassle. You have to:

  • Interview and hire a real estate agent

  • Prepare your home for the sale

  • Make additional repairs your agent suggests

  • Prepare for open houses and walkthroughs'

  • Maintain the property until the sale is completed

  • Deal with buyers

  • Deal with buyers with bank financing

  • Deal with the possibility of the deal falling through due to financing

  • Waiting 2-6 months for the property to close after the house is under contract

  • Paying commissions

  • Paying closing costs (possibly sellers concessions)

And the list goes on. I am not saying that all traditional sales will incur all of these objections but these are definitely issues that you have to consider when it comes time to sell your property and if you are in a position where you need to sell your house quick, this may not be the most logical option.

Many homeowner's who find themselves in this situation are not aware of alternative options that may be available to them. We want to go over what you can expect, the process involved and the benefits of selling your property to an honest, trustworthy real estate investment firm.

The Process & Expectations Of A Quick House Sale in Syracuse NY

As a homeowner who is looking for a quick house sale in Syracuse NY, you expect just that. A quick house sale, with no hassles. Well, the good thing is that these services are offered in your local area. These folks are not real estate agents, but professional home buyers and are looking to purchase properties at a discount in exchange for unique terms that can be offered to the buyer. These terms are what differentiates themselves between a traditional sale using a real estate agent/brokerage. Typically, these real estate investment firms get a bad wrap due to the persona around "investors".

We want you to understand that with any business you deal with there will be honest and trustworthy ones and also businesses who are out there to get you. Just as you expect a quick sale within 14-21 days, with no hassles. These businesses expect to offer you these services.

To clarify how these services work, lets go over the process from contact to sale to give you a better understanding.

1) Start The Search - Whether a real estate investment firm reached out to you or you are in search of a quick sale on your Syracuse NY home. The first step of the process is to make contact with the business. If you are searching for a reliable business who offers these services, the best way to find one is to try out good, old, reliable google. Simply head over to google and search for "we buy houses + city". "sell my house fast + city", "quick home sale + city" or any similiar variation of these search keywords. You will then be put in front of local businesses in your area that offer these quick home sale solutions.

2) Make Contact - Once you have taken the time to find a local real estate investment firm in your area that has the ability to buy houses quick, the second step will be to reach out to the business. Typically you can do this a number of ways:

3) Explain Your Situation - Not every situation is beneficial for both parties involved. If both parties that are involved will not benefit from the sale of your home, the deal will not progress. So once you make contact with the business, you will be asked some simple questions about your situation and your property. Depending on the method you used to make contact, you will either be asked these questions on the phone or through a simple online form. This will give you a chance to speak with the representative/ owner and will allow you to evaluate the situation and see if you feel comfortable moving forward.

4) Set Up A Meeting - Once you explain your situation and give a brief background on the property, the real estate investment firm will set up a meeting to come out to meet you and take a look at the property. During the meeting you will be given another chance to decide if you feel comfortable with the business and the service. This meeting will also consist of the representative and sometimes a general contractor (project manager) coming to your home to get a better understanding of the repairs that will be needed to get your property in a condition to execute their exit strategy (either renting your home out or fixing up and reselling)

5) The Offer - Now that you have met the representative/owner and they have evaluated your property, they now have all the information they need to make a offer on the house. You will get a no obligation cash offer on your home which will allow you to close on the property in as little as 14 days. The purchase offer will either come through a separate meeting, email or in person during the original meeting. You are not obligated to move forward with this purchase offer at any time.

6) Accepting The Offer- If you decide that this offer will be beneficial to you, the representative will walk through the purchase offer and terms involved to continue with the process. During your contract acceptance you will also typically be asked to fill out:

  • A property disclosure

  • Lead paint disclosure

These are two documents that will be included with the purchase offer, so the lawyers can begin processing the paperwork.

7) Communication & Closing - Once the contract is signed and all additional paperwork is collected, the waiting game begins. Typically during this time period, the real estate investment firm will be allowed to act on an inspection contingency within 5 days of signing the contract. This means they will have the ability to walk through the property again with contractors and inspectors and make sure they did not miss any repairs during the initial walk through. If the homeowner has the property survey and abstract, the process will move much quicker. If you do not have these documents and they need to be ordered new, the closing could take up to 21 days. Throughout this process, you will use your representative as your point of contact for any questions in regards to the closing.

8) Closing Day- Once all the information has been processed, updated and ordered a specific date will be scheduled to finalize all the paperwork. During the closing all of the paperwork will be signed. You will either receive your check for the sale that afternoon or the next morning.

The Benefits Of A Quick Home Sale in Syracuse NY

There are several beneficial terms that will attract a homeowner looking to sell their property to this alternative home sale solution. Here are some of the benefits a homeowner will receive when they decide to sell their property to a real estate investment firm:

  • You will pay no closing costs

  • No real estate agents involved. No commissions on the sale

  • No additional repairs needed

  • No maintenance or clean up

  • No open houses or extensive walkthroughs

  • No paying extra holding costs while your house sits on the market

  • Have a check in your hand within 14 days

  • No chance of the deal falling through

  • One buyer involved

Wrapping up | Quick Home Sale Syracuse NY

This alternative sales solution is not for all homeowners who are in the market to sell their property. We suggest that you weigh all of your sales options and decide which one will be the most beneficial for you and your family.

However, with that being said, if you are looking for a quick sale on your Syracuse NY home we can help. We would love to learn about your situation and help in any way possible. To start our simple selling solution just click the link below or give us a call at (315)516-8023.

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