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More Homeowners Are Deciding To Sell For Sale By Owner in Syracuse NY, Should You?

for sale by owner syracuse ny

You hear it a lot, homeowners list their home with a realtor expecting a quick sale and 6 months later they are still sitting, waiting for their home to sell.

Homeowners feel that with the extensive amount of technology that is available to us, they can accomplish the same results as a professional realtor would.

You are starting to see more and more homeowners, step outside of the box and give it a shot themselves.

Selling the for sale by owner route in Syracuse NY is never easy, but with all the tools that homeowners have access to these days, it is becoming more realistic to expect a sale when you do it yourself.

So is listing For Sale by Owner in Syracuse NY right for you?

it all depends......

5 Tools To List For Sale By Owner in Syracuse NY

There has never been a better time to list your home for sale by owner then now. Between the market conditions, the websites and tools available to us, now is the time to take a shot at selling your home for sale by owner. Every month it seems there is a businesses coming out with beneficial tools to assist homeowners who are trying to sell their homes by themselves.

1) Fizber - Fizber is a free listing platform that will place your property on all of the important listing sites for FREE. This includes zillow, trulia,, yahoo and many more. This free tool also offers step by step selling checklists and free live support to answer any of your questions. They will also allow you list an unlimited amount of photos to be transferred to these sites for your listing. Having your listing on these sites will increase your exposure tremendously, since the first step of 86% of home buyers is to search online.

2) Flat Fee MLS Listing - In my opinion the biggest advantage 95% of the realtors have on For Sale by Owners is the fact that they have access to list your property on the MLS. The MLS allows you to put your property in front of thousand of buyers who are actively looking to buy, that you may never had the opportunity to reach. Although you will be able to list your property on the MLS, you will not be able to do research on prior homes that have sold, for sale listings or pending sales to get a better gauge of what price you should list your home. Websites such as zillow, trulia, movoto and realtor will be good assets when it is time to run a comparable market analysis and determine price

3) Social Media - So are you starting to see a trend here? Our main goal throughout our sales process is going to be to gain as much exposure as possible to increase the probability that we will find a buyer for our home and social media is a major asset. Some social media sites we can use to increase our exposure are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

There are several other social media sites but for marketing our home, these 3 will be our best option. I do want to go into a little more detail on the most important social media site, Facebook. Facebook allows users to reach people of all ages, locations, genders and allows us to narrow down to specific interests, behaviors and demographics. Through Facebook we can put our property in front of people who are looking to buy a home, in a specific area for a certain amount of money and use videos, photos and descriptions to intrigue our buyers.

4) Craigslist - I am sure you are already aware that craigslist is a free advertising platform, where home sellers can list there properties. However, there is a right way to list on craigslist to gain attention and a wrong way. Here are some tips on ways to help you standout from the crowd of other homesellers:

  • Focus on the Title - Create an attention grabbing title that will intrigue buyers. If you live in a valuable location, list it in the title. If you are listing at a great price list it in the title. if you a great feature in your home, list it in the title.

  • Bold your Body - Craigslist allows you to use basic code to bold, italicize, underline and color certain text in the body of your description. Highlight important features and benefits and make them stand out.

  • Use up all the photos - Craigslist allows you to list 24 photos on your free ad. Make sure you take advantage of every single one of those pictures and list all 24.

  • Create A Call to Action - Give your buyers a specific action if they interested. Tell them to call you at this number or to shoot you an email or direct them to a landing page with more details on your property (which we will talk about next)

5) Create A Landing Page - This is a bit of an advanced strategy but nonetheless is very important. There are websites out there that allow you to create basic drag and drop landing pages (single pages) and these are great to market your property. What I want you to do is to create a landing page, with a very detailed description of your property, list all of the benefits, features, amenities, school district, crime rates etc. I also want you to create a video tour of your home and upload this video through vimeo or youtube and embed it into your site. I want you to use the professional photos that you took of your home and list the top 5-10 photos you have on your site. This will be the page that you direct all of your marketing to (social media, fizber, craigslist etc)

Make it Happen - Sell For Sale By Owner in Syracuse NY

Selling for sale by owner in Syracuse NY isn't as easy as it seems as proven by the statistics. However if you put together a strategy and execute your plan, your chances of success will increase dramatically. Use all of the tools that we now have accessible to us and use them properly.

In the comment section below, let us know about your experiences selling for sale by owner in Syracuse NY. If you have had success, tell us about what strategies you used or how you completed a successful sale. If you failed, let us know why you think you were unsuccessful and what you may change next time around.

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