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How To Sell Your Syracuse NY House On Craigslist

sell your house on craigslist

Have you ever tried to sell your Syracuse NY home on Craigslist?

The topic of Craigslist has several differing opinions.

Some people believe it is useless due to the amount of competition and difficulty to stand out.

While others believe it is a fantastic tool to help gain exposure and find a buyer for your home.

Typically Craigslist is utilized by homeowners who are looking to sell their property by themselves or (for sale by owner).

Homeowners may try to sell their property on their own for several reasons, including:

  • lack of equity

  • unwillingness to pay commissions

  • the belief they can sell as good as an agent

Just like with any marketing tool, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Today, we want to explain to you how to get your property up and running on Craigslist and some tips and trick to stand out from the crowd of other home sellers.

Steps To List Your Syracuse NY Home On Craigslist

1) Go to www.syracuse.craigslist.org


This will bring you to the Syracuse Craigslist home page. This will be the starting point for where you begin to list your house.

2) Under housing - go to real estate for sale


This will bring you to all of the real estate listings for the Syracuse area that has been posted on craigslist. This will allow you to see how your competition is using Craigslist and see who is standing out from the crowd.

3) On the same page. Click post in the top right corner of your screen


This will bring you to the selection screen as to what you will be advertising on Craigslist.

4) Choose what type of listing this will be​

Since we will be trying to sell our house in Syracuse NY on Craigslist, we will want to select "housing offered". Once you have made your selection, select continue.

5) Choose a category

If you are selling your home on your own, we want you to select "real estate - by owner"

If you are a real estate agent, looking to list your client's property on Craigslist, we want you to select "real estate - by broker"

6) Create your listing

This is the step where you portray all the information on the property and try to make yourself stand out from the rest of the competition listing their properties on Craigslist in Syracuse NY. We will touch on specific tips and tricks later on this post them will help you achieve this result.

7) Map your location